Élisabeth B. – Mariages & Événements

Let me introduce myself.

I AM: a political scientist (by formation), an event planner (by occupation), a business owner (since 1998), a friend and a mother.

I CAN: listen, collaborate and adapt myself to any situation.

I LOVE: simplicity, authenticity, spontaneity, creativity, details, precision, art, timelessness, life.

I PASSIONATELY LOVE TO: organize events, learn, travel, meet people, share a good meal, laugh, sing, accept a challenge.

I ADORE: my children, my family.

I WOULD LOVE TO: get to know you and realize the event you’ve always dreamed of.

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  • You made us feel like the only reason you got out of bed each day... was to take care of us. Felix & France Reno, Nevada
  • You executed each detail perfectly and did more for us than we ever imagined. Your passion for what you do is evident. Angel & Keith Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Even more essential than your impeccable planning are your personal skills. You were so much more than a wedding consultant. You were a counselor, psychologist, advisor and a friend. Amanda & David Los Angeles, California